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Smokey 200TDi

Black Wolf

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Well its my first post here but I've been into Land Rovers for a while now so, hello to everyone!

Ok, in short we've got an A reg S3 that's had an almost complete drive train replacement by us (as per my signature) the only thing is after having suffered a blocked in tank fuel pick-up point the engine smokes alot until its warmed up, even if its at idle it smokes more than it ever has but once up to temperature it'll only smoke under acceleration (which is normal as far as i know). i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas?

Background we got on the engine is it came from a disco with about 60,000 on the clock which had a knackered gearbox and was written off (don't ask why, we have no clue), its been put in and we've run with the S3 main and transfer box as they bolt straight onto the 200's for a while and then just recently we've fitted the LT77 and LT203 to help with fuel efficiency, cruising speed and noise.

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sorry i should have said, its more of a thin blue smoke at idle that gets thicker.

but thanks for the help i'll check those out, i don't think the timing has been done on the engine in quite a while

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i thought it could be from the turbo. i have noticed a bit of oil in the outlet from the compressor side of it when i've been working on the air intake, i haven't really checked the outlet of the turbine though. i'll get that done then, thanks for that!

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