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HD Front and Rear bumpers


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Hello chaps,

I am after some options for front and rear bumpers for my 200 TDI Disco.

I have seen the scrapiron racing ones, and they look very nice. I have also seen the ones that paddocks sell, I just wondered what people are actually using.

I don't mind about Winch bumpers. I have no plans to fit a winch in the enar future, but these tings change!

So, as I said what are people using?



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On the front of mine I have a 4WD Systems winch bumper (similar to an ARB one). On the rear I have a Disco parts steel bumper. You can see the back one

here. Basically it looks like a 300 series rear bumper except it's made of steel and has 2 high lift jacking points. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of the front one. Disco parts can be found here .


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Fitted a Scorpion (love the accidental mis-spelling by the way) winch bumper to the front of my 1990 3.9 EFi Disco with a T-Max 11000 in it. Fitted and winch working in 2 1/4 hours single handed and I am more than pleased with it. Fitted nicely and never moved even when pulled to a standstill with a snatch block on it.

Looks good too!

Will upload an image when I can work out how to do it!


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