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  1. Nige Don't know if this will help but I have just had my D3 V8 LPG'd. It has sequential LPG injection (i.e. I have another 8 injectors in the engine.). It starts on Petrol and switches to gas once the engine reaches a certain temp (no idea what it is). The Gas system has it's own ECU and the Engine Management System thinks it's running on petrol. I am assuming the LPG ECU takes over from the Petrol ECU and fools the EMS into thinking it's still running the petrol ECU. HTH Ivan
  2. Nige Make sure the Cat is locked up and don't try clearing any brake nipples Ivan
  3. Exactly the same as happens in bedfordshire. All green lanes are closed from the end of October to the beginning of April. I can see the point since some of the lanes get really trashed in the winter months. Ivan
  4. Vehicle wiring Products used to do them. I can't see them on their website though. HTH Ivan
  5. I am fitting a TD5 90 rear fuel tank to my 1997 Tdi 90 (fuel tank under drivers seat). At the moment the rear part of the exhaust goes under the tub at the rear. This will obviously need replacing with the later 300 Tdi exhaust which had the rear fuel tank. I have replaced the centre section with a straight through pipe so I will need at least one silencer. What parts will I need to finish this off ? TIA Ivan
  6. A point Peter mentioned above is a good one. He said all his Jerry Cans were insulated with felt. It also applies to a lot of the stuff you will have to carry (food etc). When we did the Simpson we were advised to wrap any tinned food in Newspaper (don't forget to write on top what's in the tin). It is amazing how much stuff will rub and even tins can rub through each other. Same goes for packet food as well. HTH Ivan
  7. Martin Just for information, I have crossed the Simpson Desert in Australia, the Sahara from both Morocco and Libya. All I have ever taken was 2 20Ltr Ex Army Jerry cans. Always had plenty of water. In the Simpson and Libya once we had emptied one, we filled it up with water from an oasis/bore water and just used that for washing etc. But always carry steri tabs, that way if you have to drink the oasis/bore water you can. Tastes c**p but at least it's water. HTH Ivan
  8. My mistake, I thought he was talking about fitting an EFI engine into a 300Tdi Discovery. Not converting a diesel to fuel injection. Ivan
  9. It's not that difficult providing you have everything you need for the Efi engine. I swopped the body on my 3.5Efi for a 300 Series TDI one. The only problem I really had was that they removed the TDI ECU. This also controlled the Air Con so I had to rig the Air Con to a seperate switch. If you think about it all Discoveries are the same. Just different parts of wiring loom. LR do not make one version of the Discovery for TDI engines and then another for Petrol engines. As I remember all we needed was the V* and it's complete loom. It was a bit more difficult as the engine etc came from a 200 Series. The 300 Series BECM etc did not need to be touched. I did find the electronic Rave manual to be a life saver with it's circuit diagrams and pictures of the connectors and where they live. HTH Ivan
  10. Ivan

    abs senors

    When I fixed the ABS on my discovery it still needed test book to turn the lights out. HTH Ivan
  11. The ones that fit into the sill have 3 holes in a line. Two slightly smaller on the outsides and a larger one in the middle. What you do is drill 3 holes in the sill corresponding to the bracket. The center hole then needes enlarging so the bracket will fit through. Holding the bracket in place with a piece of wire you put screws through the sill into the outer holes. The bracket is now in place (it's the same process for the floor). You then fasten the cargo barrier to the car using the center hole. The brackets look something like this. ----------- | o O o | ----------- There should be four of them, two for the floor fittings and two for the side fittings. HTH Ivan
  12. May have one at home somewhere as I had a Milford Cargo Barrier in my Disco. I'll take alook and see if I can find it. From memory there should be four brackets that fit to the vehicle. O)n a Disco two go behind the upper trim panel in a channel there and two fix under the floor. There should then be 8 pieces to hold the barrier in place. Two at the top, two at the bottom and four others (2 long for the upper and two short for the lower) for when the barrier is in the forward position. HTH Ivan
  13. Also check out the Abingdon 4x4 Festival. Easy course and lots of help if required. HTH Ivan
  14. Probably quicker and easier to swop the entire body. Ivan
  15. Reiny If you don't mind it being given out, why not post it as an attachment in the Tech Archive. That way anyone can download it rather than keep replying to emails. Rgds Ivan
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