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1978 V8 Rangie Exhaust problems


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Hey all.. This morning i`d taken my 1978 RR into the local exhaust shop to get a annoying leak fixed. Just recieved a call, saying that the manifolds had been leaking as well, and that when they`d taken them off to resurface them they`d found that they had been welded in the past and were full of cracks :( - unrepairable... :blink:

So now I have to get some new (or new to me) manifolds. This is where I need your help. I`ve been told that any RR or discovery manifold can be made to fit (especially as its sitting at a muffler shop). Would there be any advantage in getting say either later model RR or disco manifolds? Obviously Disco 3.5 ones whould fit, but i`m thinking they should flow a bit better (as well as being heaps newer). The price will be comparable (NZD$75-95, about 25-35GBP each), with performance extractors around NZD$600 (GBP200)... So you can see why second hand sounds good.

Help!! I have to make a decision soon, as I need the truck for the weekend...

Thanks in advance

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3.9 manifolds from a RaRo/Disco should fit OK. They have several advantages, they flow more gas, and are usually better at sealing to the downpipes. Hoever you'll need to replace your downpipes/y pipe or adapt. A decent exhaust shop shouldn't have a problem doing that though.

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