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  1. Thing is none of us have to like it, because we most likely couldn't afford it, or afford to run it. However in countries where lots of people have more money than sense, they lap this sort of thing up and would buy them. Probably why this is being launched in a sandbowl country, and not europe that is on the verge of financial collapse, with governments bailing out banks with private savings.
  2. Viscosity ratings for gear/ diff oils are not on the same scale as engine oils. Infact a 75/90W gear oil probably has the same viscosity as 20/50W engine oil. The gear oils simply have a different numbering system to differentiate them easier from engine oils.
  3. I agree on both counts, but what ruins it for me is I have a deadline on the way home, another ferry to get to Norway. Coming back last summer we ( had my 2 girls with me) split the journey up i 2 days. Started day 2 at 9:00 with an ETA at the ferry terminal of 16:45, ferry leaves 20:45. However, the traffic was horrendous on the Autobahn, and where possible I had to drive at full throttle (luckily had a hirecar that would cruise at 180Km/h), continued driving like this in Denmark (illegal) to eventually check in at 20:10. If I had missed that ferry i would have been stuffed, as there are only 2 sailings/ day and in the summer they are fullybooked months ahead. Whereas the same is unlikely to happen returning to the UK, as there are many more options, sailings, crossings.
  4. If you do take harwich Esbjerg ferry it will cost about £600+, check www.directferries.co.uk BUt it does save about 12 hours of driving, and you arrived relaxed after having eaten a huge buffet breakfast on board. I'm using the ferry (E>H) to come to UK as I can't be bothered with all that driving, and having a diseasel that has the Mpg of a V8 (Td5 ) I don't save that much money.
  5. I would go to at least 255.60x18, this gives a little more sidewall, which can result in a smoother ride. I found 255.55x18 to be pants and harsh, and tracked worse than a tram. I now have 265.65x18 but will also be fitting a small lift/ HD springs(winch +bumper on front). They do fit without a lift but rub at full lock and when articulating.
  6. Brilliant thread. Liking this a lot :-)
  7. Here's why £1= 8.6Nok http://www.finn.no/finn/car/used/object?finnkode=39543071
  8. Hmmm My 4.6 V8 was a much more reliable car than the D2 I have, although the D2 seems to be behaving itself now. Performance for the D2 is useless compared to the P38, but ACE is nice to have. Fuel consumtion is not a Td5 auto strongpoint either. I would get 550-600 kms on a tank of petrol, and get 700-750Kms on a tank of diseasel.
  9. Although I see you may be getting the Disco for free, i agree with Fridge in that why not get a ready made 6x6? Although it would mean no project, by the sounds of it getting a modified 6x6 Disco approved in Portugal won't be easy anyway, and how much of a budget are you looking at for the project? http://www.shropshiregunbus.co.uk/vehicles.asp
  10. Why not go for 255.85x16? Not as wide as 285, but the 'same' diameter. Admittadly the choice of available tyres is very limited.
  11. http://mobil.oa.no/nyheter/article6465111.ece
  12. Webasto :-) Toasty and warm when you get in :-)
  13. AutoCAD is a program mainly for 2D engineering/ plan/ design drawings made by the company AutoDesk. If you are going to be using AutoCAD, why not learn Inventor from Autodesk, which is their 3D design programme? And I would say a 4 day course is a waste of time, if you want to learn theses programmes and get the most out of them, then you need access to the software, and use it regulary, as well as going on a course that lasts about 4 weeks full time. Nowadays I use PDMS and Microstation, which I have had to learn myself.
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