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Beadlock PVC Insert thingy's


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Got me some old stock double beadlocks 16x7's which i am hoping to sort out to run.

But i may need to get new PVC inserts? So does anyone know of a UK supplier?

Plus anyone have an idea what the width for an insert for a 16x7 rim should be? The ones i have are 5" in wide?



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the width of the insert is dependant on the bead width of the tyres you want to run, preload them by a couple of mil and you'll be fine, if you are looking for a supplier theres a couple of options worth nosing at; 1) get a sheet of decent thickness plastic, arm yourself with enough fags/beer and head for a double glazing company, bribe the bloke with the ultrasonic welder ;) 2) ring matt lee or whoevers running the show there now (Devon?) 3) find appropriate bore plastic piping on site and make a deal for an offcut


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