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Cruise control - retro fit


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morning all, is it possible to cheaply retro fit the landrover cruise module on a 2001 1.8 ES?

Some may ask why you'd want to do this as the vehicle doesn't really go faster than 60mph but Nottingham is surrounded by average speed traps , so cruise is brilliant here!

I've seen the 3rd party add ons that provide cruise control but am interested in using the landrover parts, on the Microcat cd it shows some cruise modules so there must be parts available, has anyone written a guide for thsi or have any pointers to look out for.



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I had a 2000MY TD4 Floader and quickly looked at it. If you look at the dash binnacle there is the icon for CC already there. I would assume the look is there just the module/ECU is missing and the steering wheel controls. I couldn't find any part numbers or find anyone who had tried to retrofit a standard CC set up into a veh where it wasn't fitted from the factory.

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