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Lighter and fuel gauge on 1996 Disco I 300 Tdi, non ECU vehicle.


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When I took delivery of my Disco from the previous owner I noted that the fuel gauge stays live, even when removing the key and locking the vehicle. A leak current test on the main circuits indicated no current flow when the vehicle is off.

What I also discovered is that the lighter inside the vehicle is only operative when the ignition switch is in the Aux position (first click).

Other owners of the same year and model has the fuel gauge working with ignition "On" only, and the lighter always on line.

What is the correct status of these two items?

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Does it really matter? :lol:

From memory my 96 300tdi EDC, was the same as yours. I had to have the ignition on to pump up the tyres with my little 12v pump, so that one is definite, I'm 90% sure the fuel gauge was of the "memory" variety where it remembered the last value until it was changed.

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Mine is a 96 300tdi and the fuel gauge is as whats called live and also the ciggie lighter only works with ignition on,(normal),i would have thought

My 95 300tdi is the same fuel gauge always on and cig lighter in acc and ignition on.

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