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Ignition Timing Marks


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Trying to get the RR Classic 3.9 v8 running - '93 Model.

I reckon the timing is out, and I can see the notch in the crank damper pulley, but I can't see what I'm supposed to line it up with - I can't see it from above, so I guess I have to go in from the side somewhere (alternator side?). Could someone answer this basic question please! :blush:

The Haynes manual only goes up to '85, so not for this version (the owner has a 1972 RR as well).


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Don't rely on the marks! They are notoriously innacurate. I usually take the plugs out and find TDC on Nº1, then see where the rotor arm is pointing, that will let you know if the dizzy is a tooth or so out.

Then time it the old fashioned way, advance a wee bit at a time until it pinks under load, then back off until it doesn't.

You'll probably then find that the actual timing as indicated by the marks bears no resemblance to the book settings, mine runs at 16º BTDC, according to the marks....

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I'd double checked with the screwdriver down the bore, and in this case the marks were accurate, as I'd read they often weren't.

So I timed it up... had to 'adjust' the vac advance unit to get enough movement in the dizzy, and it idled really nicely, sat at normal temp with the cap off... etc.

Shame it overheated and pressurised the hoses when we took it for a run....damn!

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