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A bit of help please, a bit of booty shake

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I have a vibration coming from what feels the rear of my 90TC it does get worse with speed but very little vibration through the steering wheel, the wheels have been balanced as far as they can be with MT's on and the UJ's were done 500 miles ago. I have noticed the bushes on the A frame have gone and there is about 1mm play on the bearing which goes into the rear diff from the prop shaft.

Could either of these cause the vibration or would the bushes just cause the rear to wander, and how easy is it to swap the bearing that goes in to the diff?



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worn A frame bushes often result in a 'clonk' when taking up drive. Can also result in some rear wheel steer if the radius arm bushes are a bit pooh'd as well.

it shouldnt result in vibrations thoguh, unless the A frame bushes were sooooo far gone as to allow the diff nose to go up and /or down to a hugely excessive amount, putting your diff pinion angle out. Never heard of this before so i would discount that.

knackered rear diff bearings usually start with a 'Stuka divebomber' type howl as you speed up and slow down, rather than a vibration.

when you did the UJs, did you put the prop back together with the proper alignment of the UJs? Cant remember if the rear prop should be out of phase and by how much or if they should be aligned or out of alignent by 90deg... doing it wrong will cause a vibration.

An adult will be along shortly who can confirm this.

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