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Replacing panhard rod bushes

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Wear in the panhard rod bushes is usually identified by wandering steering, a click or knock - especially when starting a turn.

The rod can be removed with the vehicle sat on the ground, so just crawl under the front of the vehicle. Both ends are a 22mm nut/bolt.

Axle end-


Chassis end-


The bush inner sleeve has come loose and the end of the rod is now tapping/rubbing on the mounting bracket.


Remove both nuts/bolts and the rod will come away. The chassis will move slightly to the drivers side as you do this. Note the kink on the rod - this has to go at the diff end.


A 21/22mm socket is the right size to use to press the old bush out.


If you don't have a hydraulic press, then either use a big vice or get a local garage to replace the bushes. In this thread I'm using a 15-ton hydraulic press. The pressure required to get the bushes out was just over 5-tons.

Centre the socket on the bush - not forgetting to allow room underneath for the bush to come out.



Once the bush is out, grease the rod eye and also the outside of the new bush. Again make sure that there's room for the inner sleeve to protrude - it's longer than the bush main body.



The bush protrudes a small amount either side of the rod eye, so make sure both sides are equal.


Bolt the rod back on axle end first and then pull the body/chassis towards the passenger side until the hole in the rod lines up with the hole in the mounting bracket.


Once both bolts are in - do them up mental tight!



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