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Rear Passenger door problem


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Resubmitting in case people think that this is about the rear door, it's not it's about the rear passenger door.

Can anyone tell me how to remove the rear passenger door trim on a Mk2 freelander (TD4 04reg SE model) - by Mk2 I mean the facelifted Freelander 1 and not the new Freelander 2 - so that I can get to the electric window mechanism ? My Haynes manual only covers the Mk1 version which has a different door handle with visible screws but on this one I can't see how to get the door handle off. Help!

Thanks Dennis

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i looked at a work colleagues door today and as i suggested just hold the handle as if to open the door and there is the one screw hidden behind it, if your is different to this i cant help any further

yes thanks I have had that off but it feels as if the inner trim is still held in place by the main inner door handle (ie the bit you pull to slam the door) and there is no obvious way of taking that apart to get at the screws. They have obviously covered the handle in a fancy moulding to hide the fixings but how to remove it?

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