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Hi Cap rear springs

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I asked this question in the sreiies forum but got no replies so have tried here I have never used the Hi Cap for any heavy loads and would like to put much lighter duty springs on the rear it could even do to be lower, anyone have any idea's


1985 2.5na 110 hi cap

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Guest diesel_jim

110 (and 127/130) rear springs are in a diameter "all on their own", about 2" bigger diameter than 90/disco/rangie/110 front springs.

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Guest diesel_jim
Thanks very much for you help on this, one last bit, can you point me to a pair?

Don't know where there are any (although if you look in the "for sale" section, there's a chap breaking a 110 station wagon...give him a shout..)

but for new springs, 110 with the self leveller, they're NRC6388 for the RH side (colour blue) and NRC7000 for the LH side (colour green/white)

slightly heavier duty will be NRC6389 (red) and NRC6904 (green/red), for vehicles without leveller... these are more than likely what you've got now (or maybe RKB101111 brown/purple, same both sides... virtually the same spec as the red & green/red ones)

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