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Voltage regulator wiring


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Have fited a Daihatsu 2.8 TD to my Series 3..

The Series Alt wont fit the Diahatsu so have to use the Dai Alt which has an external reg, wired it in as per Conversion ins and blew the reg! So I guess the ins were wrong :blink:

What I need is a simple wiring diagram as to what wires should go to and from the voltage reg, such as a dash light, live feed, earth? direct to battery etc..

On the Diahatu reg there are 6 terminals....

Or is there anyone in North Kent who knows what they are doing and want some cash??

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I'd chuck the voltage reg and stick an alternator from a 1.7td astra/vectra on or one from a 98ish Transit or similar with your oil pipe, vacuum and in-built voltage regulator... Let me know how you get on..... ;)


Would these be a straight fit to the Daihastu? The oil feed can be bypassed and I dont need the vacumn. More concerned the pulleys are going to line up if I use another alt...

And then I still wont know how to wire it :(

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So if i go the Astra Alt route, what wiring diagram would have been the Land Rover system, could someone do me a basic shematic thats idiot proof :blush:

I take it that ALL pulleys are a sraight swap, ie Alt shafts are all the same diameter/threads etc....

Or a basic schematic of the wiring for a reg, jsut so I can have one more go..........I dont like being beaten.

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