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revived V8 Ninety?

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Hi guys

Your advice required.

I have a (factory) 1989 3.5 V8 ninety whose motor is a bit tired and rough and has been for a while. I plan to get it sorted or replaced this year.

While the motor is out I plan to replace the (also knackered) Santana Lightweight LT85 gearbox with an earlier heavy duty LT85 in excellent nick which I already have. While I am at that I want to have a good look at the LT230 transfer box and recondition/replace it if necessary.

Later when my wallet has recovered I will be fitting some 255/85 BF Goodrich mud terrains and a lift kit if necessary.

My question is, as I will ultimately be putting larger diameter wheels on which will raise the gearing should I take the opportunity now of fitting a transfer box with a lower gearing to compensate.

My 90 has always felt overgeared in fifth with 7.50 X 16s but this could be because the motor has been weak (knackered cam I think). Things could be fine with a rejuvenated motor but I thought I would take advice from those who may already have dabbled with such things.


Rocket :huh:

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My slightly biased advice is to fit a 3.9efi. I run one on a 4 speed auto and bw transfer case with 33 12.50s and although it is high geared the engine copes well and mpg is acceptable at 20 on a good run.

Good luck with whatever you chose

I did think about a bigger capacity and started dreaming about an RPI motor, but just for off roading the 3.5 should be more than man enough, it's also pretty bullet proof (no cracked blocks)and although I know the EFI system is sound, it is unneccesarily complicated for my needs. I am not a great fan of fly by wire, I prefer to see whats actually happening with a control system.

Can you confirm that your 33 X 12.50s are approximately the same diameter as the 255 X85s I am considering but presumably they are on 15" rims?



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