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TD5 fuel pump and cranking sensor (what happened?)

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Hello all. Hoping you could help me puzzle out a problem I’m having with my TD5 90 (2001) with about 50kkm. Brought it into a good garage to have some bushes replace and put on new shocks. Then they noticed the clutch release bearing was noisy so I gave them the go ahead to do the clutch. Was running fine when I dropped it off.

Came to pick it up only to hear them endlessly cranking the engine, but it was not starting. Long story short, and several days later (making me miss a planned bimble) I’m presented with a large bill for a fuel pump and cranking sensor. What do you think, in the process of doing the repairs did they damage these parts, or did they mysteriously fail when they were in the garage? And what should I do? I like the garage and they are not charging me for labour, but it seems to me that something is not quite right here.


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The Crank sensor is mounted behind the flywheel.

If they've changed the clutch and flywheel, they may have damaged it?

The fuel pumps are very easy to burn out, if the engine is cranked for long periods without fuel in.

However, I would think they changed the fuel pump in trial and error diagnostics.

If the crank sensor is faulty the Engine Control Unit won't power the fuel pump, making some people believe the fuel pump is faulty.

Stick to your guns, if you have not authorised the repairs, they cannot charge you for them.

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Thanks. I guess what they mean by crank instead of "cranking" sensor. Looked it up and it looks like it could have been damaged durring the cluch replacement. Do you agree?

I told them to fix the problem, but assumed that they were the cause and would therefore pickup the tab. We will see I guess, I'll let you know how it works out.

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