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Idle Confusion?


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Puzzling me for a while this and getting on my nerves. Had a confirmed dud ecu and as such my idle was hunting all over the place and dropping so low that the car stalled at roundabouts etc unless I used one foot for brake and the other for a little throttle control. It also didn't allow either the idle screw on the plenum or the screw on the AFM to be adjusted. Didn't do a thing.

Now Recon ECU and AFM are fine (been checked)and the hunting idle problem has gone - YAY! Both screws now actually adjust what they are supposed to and has been set up with CO meter etc.

All good then?

My problem is that it seems to me that even if I adjust the idle screw so that at idle in neutral or park the car idles about 700RPM when Drive is engaged it drops down to about 450-500 RPM. That's fine but after even short (15 mins or so) journeys the idle drops to about 350-400RPM which is when it starts to stall!

Any body any ideas as it's driving me nuts!

It's a 3.5EFI with flapper type AFM Vogue SE 1989.

Any help much appreciated.



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