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Siverdale S.O.T.


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Hi guys

going to silverdale in stoke on trent tomorrow going with my brother in law to be in his s111 that he has just got back on the road after buying it 6mts ago i will be showing him how to use the gears as he hasn't been off road before and my son and brother in his s11a has anyone been there before ?

pics to follow


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Yeah - it's just up the road, last went a few months ago.

Excellent off road site, hopefully you've got a good few mods on your vehicle???

When I went it was all lifted Discos and Range Rovers there, some expensive kit on some of them, then there was me in my series and one other series motor there!

It's a lot more extreme than the other pay and play I go to.

It's nearly all in amongst trees, a lot of the pathways that have been made are quite deeply rutted, the place is built on a an old mine so there is a few mineshafts about - but they tape them off when they find them - so don't drive past any tape!

If you want a bit of a challenge head up to the top where the 4x4's meet up (open area - no trees) then head down the back - there is some boggy mud down there then you have the challenge of getting back up!

My Series has 235/85/16 Aggressive MT tyres on, about 3" lift in total - but is othewise standard with a 2.25 diesel - and mine was more than capable.

I did pick up a fair few scratches, one smashed headlight, a bent bumper, a bent outer wing and a bent front wing panel on the other side!

All in all great fun and a great day out

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You should be OK - depending on tyres. If you've got road tyres on you might struggle. It had rained before we went last time but was nice on the day and the "mud" was very slippy. It's raining here now - so I guess it is a couple of miles away at silverdale so I expect it will be similar?

The mud is strange stuff, as it's a mixture of mud and very fine coal slag dust, I stepped out at one point to check round the vehicle and nearly ended up on my backside

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the both coped very well we did get stuck a few times in the deep ruts but there was times when we went where the defenders couldn't go i have taken loads of pics but i have to make them too small to get them on here but you can see them all on land rover uk forums ?


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Did you try tick hill last weekend? It's only a few miles away from Silverdale. I tend to go there more often but just haven't had the time recently.

It's a disused quarry and is completley opposite to Silverdale but great fun too. Big Pond in the middle and plenty of hills.

This link should show you where it is:


Last time I went it was £25 on the gate 10am til 4pm Last Sunday of Every Month.

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Just thought - if you want to see some photos of what tick hill is like try this site:


He's a photographer who turns up sometimes to take photos, and then puts them on his website, should give you an idea of what it's like and how different from Silverdale it is.

You might even find a couple of pics of mine in there!

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