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01 Td4 pump failed after 2 months ?


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In November I changed the tank pump in my brother-in-laws 01 Td4 when it failed .

Less than a week later the pump in the engine bay failed and that was changed + new fuel filter .

All was well for a while - but yesterday it stopped again and it seems the tank pump has failed again .

(1) When checking the feed to the tank pump - having removed the plug from the engine bay pump - I find that feed to the tank pump (plug off) switches off after a certain length of time . Would this be correct ?

(2) has anyone experienced pump failure after such a short time ?

(3) I have the pump unit out at present - I suppose if it decides to work on the bench putting it back would be risky ?

Any ideas or opinions appreciated .

I got both pumps in from England as the main dlr prices here were crazy .

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The intank pump is just a lift pump. So will only prime, and then switch off until the engine is started/running.

Were the pumps Fuelparts? If so they seem to be quite a problem! :angry:

Did you change the fuel filter after pump failure, in case any swarf from the pumps got into the filter and have blocked it?

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I changed the fuel filter when I changed the pump in the engine bay - about a week after I had changed the in tank pump .

Not sure who the pump maker was - will have to look it up .

The fact that it is for priming explains the cut out after a time - so now I know that's OK .

Could the engine bay pump be damaged by operating when the tank one is out of action ?

Thanks for reply - will keep you posted .

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