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Bleeding brakes


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Right - thought I'd share this 'home made tool' with your all, in this new forum layout.

Had to bleed the brakes last night, with the help of my mate who is an electrician, having not realisd I needed to have a plastic tube to bleed the brakes with (okay so I'm not terribly DIY minded). Anyway, to get round this, we used a section of electricl flex. Chopped about 12" cable from a duff grass cutters - electric cable, my friend then pulled out the internal wires, and pushed one end of the flex over the bleed nipple. Proceeded to 'bleed' the brakes.

Apparently he reckons this is the emergency way to do it if in the desert - assuming you have a piece of cable spare.

Hope this lateral thinking tool will be of help to someone else.



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