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LT95 problems


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Hello all

I dont know what happen with my gearbox ,all bearings are new,locks ,shims ,washers everything new

The first problem/noise ,the reverse gear wasn´t working completely away from the layshaft,the sound was horrible!! (and this is the moment i start to put my hands in the gearbox,and in a very diplomatic way i told the mechanic bye bye)

Once the reverse gear problem was solve,i still have a noisy thing (think the primary is not working properly)

The other thing i notice ,is that the mechanic didn´t use the whole gasket kit (boughted in UK with other parts),there´s another gasket ,more than a mm thick covering the gearbox ,and maybe this difference in thickness is making the primary sound (this is like the main gasket in the gearbox,the one with 3 holes in the top)

I have the range on 4 bases ,so i can change gear with the engine running and also we remove the inspection plates for check something unusual with the transfer box

Well,my classic 1979 i think is the only one in the whole country almost restore,theres like 3 still running,and are extremely rare here,so is very complicated for me have a good mechanic ,and most of the works in this vehicle is from a restoration garage ,the 2 Land Rover shops including the dealer,doesn´t have idea about 3 door range rover......and i have to go to a jaguar/mg...fancy vintage cars,and my landy is the only one

I know is complicated,but any help would be apreciated ,maybe the solution is a new gearbox ,but a brand new here is more than a 1000 pounds ,and i use this car a few times during the year.....and i already spend more than 400 in new spares for the gearbox

Best Regards to all from Chile!!

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not sure the missing gasket is spelling trouble. But I cannot say it doesn´t. I once overhauled a LT95 which worked fine but that´s some 10years ago. I cannot remember any details so I´ll be no real help. Doesn´t the Haynes Manual cover the gearbox quite nicely ? Think so. IIRC I used that book to overhaul mine. Pictures in it help a lot.

My first idea was that the shifting forks could be out of proper alignment or some detent spring or ball missing so that the gearbox may be allowed to try to put more than one gear in.

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