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PAS Pump Fittings


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Can anyone help?

I have a PAS pump off of a 3.5 V8 from I believe a RRC (Carbed) that I can not identify the threads.

It's a Hobourn-Eaton MFG Co. Ltd. item, No. HE: 5503/8518/24

Stamped by the inlet and outlet is "BSF", and measuring the dimensions of the threads they are coming in close at 5/8", however it definately aint the 14TPI of a 5/8" BSF thread as it's more like the 3/8" BSP 19 TPI.

Unfortunately I've only got 1/4" BSP banjo's lying around at present (which slide into the threads), can anyone convince me that they are BSP, or something else like Metric, UNF or ANF?


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Well, I've just answered it myself :)

Found a 9/16 20TPI stud "nope, too small"

Went meandering around the shed looking at dad's Ariel bike bits, since it's UNF and UNC, nope, nothing.

Then I twigged "ah!, the V8 is UNF and UNC, I got an inlet adapter somewhere around here"

Well, found one and screwed it in:


I then removed it and roughly measured it with my rule at 5/8", I then got my thread file and it happily sat at 18TPI:


5/8" UNF it is then :D

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