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200tdi facelift???


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Hi all,

I've got a 200tdi (1993 J Plate) and access to a complete fromt end off a 300tdi... Is it feasable to swap the front ends over? Are the bonnets and wings the same?

Ta Muchly :)

yes it is possible to swop the 300 on to the 200. I have just done it with my 200. The wings are the same, but the 300 wings have a little 'tab' on them to hold the plastic trim in place that sits below the headlight. There is no need to mess about changing th 'slam pannel'. some say you need to change it to fit the larger headlights in. I didnt. I just took the grinder and made the holes for the rear of the head lights bigger then made my own brackets, and you can still adjust the lights when i had done. It was not hard.


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