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Electrical prob on a Defender may help someone else out!

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My drivers side dipped beam went out yesterday, so when I got home from work, after stopping to get a new bulb, expecting the dip filament to have blown, the new bulb didnt sort it. Main beam worked so thet ruled out an earth problem, checked the fuse next and that was OK, Hmmmmmmmm!

After much cursing the problem, I removed the black plastic housing that the fuses push into and found that the spade terminal that the fuse pushes into had popped out of the back of the plastic holder. The fuse must have just been making enough contact previously to allow the light to work until it moved away enough to break the contact. The blade type fuses just push into 2 spade connectors that have a small tab that holds them in from the other (bulkhead) side of the housing. Bent the tab out a bit and pushed the spade back into the housing and job done.

Just thought I'd share this experience with you lot as it could save hours of frustrating fault finding. As a result of finding this, the the fag lighter also now works as its spade terminal had also popped out of the fuse holder...............


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