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turning problem

joe sharpe

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hi i have a strange clunk clunk clunk noise when on full lock i suspect a cv joint how much of a job is it to change,

i jacked up the front end started engine and put it into first and released the clutch and turned steering to the off side and the near side wheel wasn't driving is this normal of something more serious cheers for the advice joe. :huh:

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Im not to sure about what you described, Im sure there will be someone along soon who knows more than me,

but to check the intergrity of your drive train in an axle your should:

Jack up so that only 1 wheel is off the ground and carefully rotate the wheel, If the diff and halfshaft are intact then the prop shaft will turn,

Do that to both sides and if the prop fails to move the its the diff, but if only 1 side turns the prop then the side that dosnt turn is broken either shaft or cv

As for changing a cv, I have no idea as last time i blew my diff instead of my CV joint


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what i meant is i left the rear wheels on the floor when i jacked the front wheels off the floor and when i put it in first gear only the front wheels were drivingis this normal (it was in high)i thought 4wd meant all 4 wheels drove the car ???? any help will be appreciated as i am stumped as it drives perfect (apart from original message)

cheers joe :huh::huh:

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Your centre diff would have given drive to the fronts as they offered least resistance. If you engage diff lock, you would have driven it off the jack!! Not too sure what you are trying to achieve, as said above, try jacking one front wheel at a time and inspect by rotating wheel forwards/backwards on opposite locks etc. CV joints usually make a clicking sound on full lock. I would not recommend engaging any gears/engine running, when jacked up.

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