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Scottish Cross Country Championship 16th/17th May @Drumclog

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Scottish Cross Country Championship- Round Three Drumclog 16th & 17th May.

Well its two weeks to go to the Third Round of the Scottish Cross Country Championship @ Drumclog. This is the first two day event of the year and includes a night section late on the Saturday night/ early Sunday Morning. For those of you haven’t been to Drumclog before this is a very large site and accordingly it allows course builders to really use there imaginations when constructing a challenging comp course. So with no doubt this will be an event not to miss. As ever in order to make this event as successful as previous events we need Marshals to staff the event.

Here’s some video of the action from the first two rounds:

Round One: Forrest Estate- St Johns Town of Dalry:


In Car Footage From Team Britpart:

Round Two: Colzie Hill- Auchtermuchty:

As you can see we have not only had some great competition but the weather has been excellent as well. Hopefully three in row with Drumclog.

Drumclog is located here: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=26506...636042&lm=0

The provisional time line for the event:

Friday the 15th May 2009 11.00hrs Setup commences on site.

Saturday the 16th May 2009 10.30hrs Signing on Commences for Marshals.

12.00hrs Marshals Briefing.

13.00hrs Session 1- Racing Commences.

Saturday the 16th May 2009 22.00hrs Session 2- Racing Commences.

Sunday the 17th May 2009 10.00hrs Session 3- Racing Commences.

There is Free camping available on site and Toilets will be provided. The clubs barbecue will be on site and available for you cook or burn whatever you bring.

Drumclog is a great site and a great social event for all the family. For those of you who don’t get off road much, there’s an opportunity for you to take your vehicle off road to get to your marshal positions and after the event you can drive the remainder of the course when exiting & striping the stage of furniture. However to help at Drumclog its not necessary to have a 4x4, as there a various jobs/ marshals posts that can be accessed by a road going vehicle. Alternatively we can pair you up with another marshal who does have a 4x4.

Experience, where it’s good that you do have some experience of marshalling at a motorsport event, it’s not a prerequisite. As we welcome help from anyone whether experienced or not. Just let me know and I will pair you up with a suitably experienced Marshal.

In addition to having a fluorescent vest for all sessions, we ask that all marshals attending Session 2 –Night Comp have a torch and sufficient batteries for the duration.

Can you help?

If you can help please let me know, my contact details at the bottom of this letter, it would help if you could let me know the following:

Which sessions can you help with?

How many of you coming?

Do you have a 4x4?

Do you require a post for a road going vehicle?

Do you have a MSA Safety Radio?

Can I borrow a MSA Safety Radio?

Please let me know if you can help or have questions about the event give me a call or email:

Colin Rodger Mobile:07767-726075 email: colin.rodger@virgin.net

Thanks, Colin


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