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freelander TD4 Auto Problems


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Hi Everyone, this is my first post as ive been lucky with my freelander upto now :( my model is a 2004 TD4 HSE Auto, the question is the gear changes seem to be very erratic to say the least... when driving the gearbox seems to rev more before changing gear.It behaves just like if you were driving a manual and forgot to change gear? it seems to just hang there even if you put your foot down, it seems to want to change up when i thinks it will!! the change to 4th gear does not happen until 35/40mph, changing upto 5th is at 55mph somtimes even as high as 60 mph. is this normal or what? the gearbox oil has been changed recently too. ive tried using the tiptronic manual way and it changes 4th at 30mph and 5th at 50mph, none of the other modes come as close too these,they just take forever.It also seems to be worse when driving from cold.It also seems to jump the gun going down hills and change down a gear to early with the rev going right up. Any help would be very helpful. Andrew

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The auto boxes on a Freelander do change at higher revs when cold, to prevent placing a high load on the vehicle while cold.

The gearbox also will adapt to the individuals driving style. So if you have lent the car to someone who's been booting it the natural shift point will have got higher in the rev range.

You can reset the gearbox back to standard factory setting (a middle point) with IDS (land rover computer) or similar.

The shift speeds and other habits you have mentioned do not sound that unusal to me either.


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Cheers for the info guys, the last owner was a brigaders wife from belgium so maybe she booted it alot!! what type of diagnostic reader will reset the gearbox ecu, as i have a friend who has a bling snap on reader would he be able reset it?or is it dealer only? maybe theres a manual way, anyone know?

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