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Trophy Cevenol 2009

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Arrived back this week from doing the Trophy Cevenol in France. It's a fantastic event, hard work but very good fun.

Our new website will be up and running in the next week hopefully, so when it is i'll let you know as i'll be putting up a gallery of the event.

Cheers, Steve



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Have attached one more pic. the rest will have to go on our website, so i'll let you know when they're on there along with a write up as well.

Having not done the Cevenol before i didn't really know what to expect, so i expected the worst!. I think the GRM describe it as being the most technical event in their calender and i would have to agree. The technical bits are challenging, but generally are driveable. The thing that makes it really hard (mentally) is the fact that if you get it wrong (and there are a lot of oppurtunities to get it wrong) the result is not going to be a gentle roll on to your side but a death tumble some several hundred feet into the ravine that your tyres are already overhanging the edge of!.

My advise would be definately do it, but do prep your vehicle as best you can as it's going to take a beating. the minimum kit really should be at least 33" tyres and at least a rear locker a winch and definately a decent roll cage. These things are not essential but will definately make your event more enjoyable.

I also would say that whilst some did tackle it in 110"s, you really need a short wheelbase and something that your not too worried about body damage on.

In terms of damage, i think there were a few accidents such as rolling etc, but i believe there was a dutch guy in a wrangler jeep who attempted a hill climb and the front reared up and he rolled end over end backwards 6 times.

amazingly he only dislocated his shoulder. This was incredible as whilst it had a cage, it didn't have any doors!.

Bring on next year!



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