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will disco 200tdi axles and transfer box on a defender 200tdi

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will it add to the top speed if i put on disco 200tdi axles and tranfer box and if it does will it make the engine work not as hard when its doing 60mph

i hope it does cause ive all ready bought a dicso

will it be hard to change them and what will i need (like new brake pipes things or whatever)

so if anybody know anything about it just go on and reply


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axles wont make any difference to the speed

T box in the disco is probably 1.2 ratio so you will have less revs at any given speed in high range (low range is the same as your current T box) it will take longer to accelerate but if the engine has the grunt you will have a better top speed.

you may need to change the speedo drive pinion when you do the change over too - just use the one from your existing T box

its quite an easy changeover as its all unbolt rebolt - a diff lock prop shaft tool would be a useful investment prior to doing the work!

forgot to add i am assuming you have a 90, if its a 110 then the rear axle wont be a straight swap - you will need a longer prop - although you would gain discs (over drums?) you would loose a very good reliable diff by changing to the disco axle on a 110

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