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Plymouth Offroad July 12th silver valley Punch hunt

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July 12th Silver valley Punch hunt Callington

Signing in - 9:30 am till 10:30am - Event will start at 10:30 prompt

Please could all competitors read the following - you will be issued with a copy on the day... main changes are to the points system.

Regards Cj


heres the link to sign up if you want to compete


Plymouth Offroad Club - Punch Hunt Info

This punch hunt is a event designed to test your driving skills in a safe and fun way.

Placed in various locations throughout the site will be 30 'punches' These are trig point punches simular to those used in orienteering (normally look like a mini stapler!) Each punch has a series of pins that are used to stamp your control card which will be attached to the LH side of your vehcile Each punch is numbered 1-30 so you must stamp the correct punch to the correct number on your control card.

We will arrange the punches so roughly 20 are driveable and 10 are winchable. You will need to use your driving skills to manouver your vehicle close enough to punch your card without removing either the punch or your control card from its fixed position. If punches or cards are tampered with this will result in disqualification.

Scoring System

Each punch has a 'point' value which will be added up at the end of the day to give you a

overall score. Punches are worth the following

Punches number 1 - 9 inclusive are worth 100 Points

Punches number 10 - 19 inclusive are worth 150 Points

Punches number 20 - 19 inclusive are worth 200 Points

Punch number 30 is worth 400 Points

Event times

The day will start with driver signing in and vehicle scrutineering, after all vehicles are signed in we will hold the drivers briefing which will cover rules of the site and locations of the punches. After everyone is briefed the event will start. You will have till 3:30pm to collect as many punches as possible, you must be back at the signing in area at 3:30pm, if you are late you may have points deducted from your overall score.


CB radios will be on channel 22 on the day

Walkie talkies will be on channel 3

Marshals will be contactable on these channals if you need assistance

Roaming marshals will issue warnings for the following:

Exceeding the site speed limit of 10mph

Dangerous Recoveries

Not wearing seat belts

We are gratefull to the landowners who allow us to use their land and we must respect this the land is their source of income. Anyone found to be constantly breaking the rules will be asked to leave the site, you will NOT recieve any refund.


Self recovery is allowed however the use of winches will be supervised wherever possible.

We expect people using winches for self recovery to do so in a safe and controlled manner. A winchblanket must be used over the top of thwe winch cable in case of breakages. You must check the are is clear before you start any winching. "Winching in Progress" must be shouted to warn others in the area that a recovery is taking place.

Just for everyones info buy paying fopr the event in advance to steve@plymouthoffroad.co.uk you will 100% secure your place

new venue guys we have a new site on the books an alot closer

these are but a few i have 100's of other photos so lets save the suprise for the day

heres some tasters :P







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