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ATL-TROPHY - Ukraine - invitation


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Dear all,

I happen to know Jez Goodwin and his crew from Ladoga 2007 and Vepssky Les 2008.

Wanted to let you know that we are organizing a mega trophy event in Ukraine (3rd year already), the race is called ATL-TROPHY, its for Tourism, classes TR-1,2,3, ATV, and MOTO - its an 8 day event, starting in Kiev and finishing on the western border of Ukraine (town of Shatsk place where Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian borders join). The race is very similar to Ladoga but not so brutal :)

We provide all kinds of support and assistance starting from meeting you at the border to help you out throughout the event; we have local authorities engaged at all stages, medical support around the clock, qualified mechanics to help you, good company and community of friends whore ready to help in any circumstances. Best of all, you don't need visas for Ukraine as Europeans :)

I have posted more details on our forum:


Would be great if you guys come and let others know about it - let me know please on which forums people might be interested.

Contact me or call anytime at ostapsv@gmail.com +380676570027


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We going :D

Need to build a car first ( and rather pronto too as race starts in 36 days) then pack and lets roll!!

As ussuall typical HOFS stylee - given ourselves plenty of preparation time ;)

Ukraine - here we come :i-m_so_happy:

Anybody else fancies a little trip? Cheap entry, good class system so all vehicles are catered for (good for greenlaning too if you fancy just seeing that part of the world and having fun with family or mates,no visas required...

ATL Trophy Megahard Ukraine

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