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Starter motor or solenoid


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Hi all, just jumped in the 96 Tdi Auto, started it up and put it into low range to climb up my driveway from hell like I do every morning when it stopped after about 1 foot of movement. Went to start it up again and all I got was that clicking noise from the starter you get when the battery is flat. Pushed the button to start it on my 2nd & 3rd auxillary batteries and just got the same clicking noise (there's plenty of battery grunt).

Does this sound like the solenoid/starter has had it? And why would the engine stop?

The ignition has been playing up a little lately with the key sticking and the ignition not returning back to its normal position after engaging the starter & starting the car (leaving the starter engaged for a second or two) but I've fixed that with the lead pencil trick I learnt here.

Just spent $800 on brakes, wheel bearings and the rubber tailshaft coupler so I thought I'd appeased the LandRover Gods but obviously not.

Any help would be appreciated before I start pulling things apart.

Cheers, Steve.

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Thanks for the replies. I pulled the starter out after much amusement; 13mm bolt on one side and the corresponding nut is 17mm :rolleyes: My ever depleting bank balance will take another hit tomorrow.

As an aside, Overlander 4x4 magazine here in OZ has once again voted the D3 as best overall 4X4 in Australia for the 5th year running. Diesel Prado came in runner-up and the Pajero was best value for money with the Rangie best luxury 4x4.

200 series Landcruiser was around the bottom somewhere and the Datsun 120y Patrol never got a look in.

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