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Disco1 1991 V8i Manuel


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My colleague at work is selling is 1991 Disco1 Executive (??)

According to him it has a 3.5 Buic V8, 141 000km on the clock. Only thing wong is an aircon that is not working. Apparently not seen much action in the bush (Reputable independant dealer checked the vehicle over when he got it). He didn't use it much either. 5door

Now I'm in a mass of turbulence. I once drove few metre (in reverse) in a Disco2 V8, and even with Diesel literally coarsing in my veins I WANT ONE!!!!!

Current Tdi in the family since new. Noisy and slow, but a lot of space for the kayak on top and bicycles inside. No kids (yet) so the Hard top setup is actually very suitable. Consumption good, no water/oil loss. She let us down twice, a clamp broke on the rubber elbow pipe to the intercooler, and a fanbelt tentioner bearing gave up. In each case got her going again within the hour.

I'm only toying with the idea, noth serious yet. Selling the hard top, probably get R60 000 (South African Rand). Can get the Disco for R 50 000 Questions:

1] Driving mainly city traffic, what is the consuption going to be like. Manslaughter, or first degree murder? How big are those model's tanks?

2] At 6ft3 is the comfort a good improvement on the Defender?

3] Can the middle seats fold down/remove to acommodate my wife's concert harp on a flat surfave?

4] Question of the V8 (fuel injected) vs the 300 Tdi in terms of reliability?

We seldom go into the rough these days. Driving a Defender at this stage is like killing a fly with a hand grenade. Only reason keepeng her around is because she is my Landy

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The first model of the Discovery, the 200 Series body, is nothing like a Discovery 2. The Discovery 2 only looks similar and that's about it. Even the 300 Series, regardless of the interior looking very much like the D2, is still nothing like the D2 underneath. So be sure it's what you want!

The Rover 3.5 is the smallest version available. At the time in the Range Rover it was in 3.9 litre form and appeared in 3.9 form for the 300 Series body of the Discovery.

The fuel tank will be 85 litres. Anything from 14-18mpg should be expected with sensible driving, maybe more while cruising.

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