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300TDi Disco rear shocks

Les Henson

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Tools required-

Jack, axle stand, wheel brace/27mm socket & bar, 19mm socket, wire brush, WD40/penetrating oil. Possibly also large vice grips or stilsons.

Slacken the wheel nuts, place a jack under the axle and raise it as much as possible, then place an axle stand under the chassis - close to the radius arm bracket, remove the road wheel, and lower the jack until the vehicle weight is on the axle stand, but the axle is still supported and the shock absorber is partially extended.


Clean the top and bottom shock mount threads and apply penetrating oil.



Bottom first - if you're lucky, you'll be able to grip the shock body with one hand and undo the nut, but usually the whole thing turns, so a pair of Mole grips or stilsons on the bottom of the shock body will keep it still. Remove nut, domed washer, and lower rubber. Then undo the top nut and remove the washer. Lever the shock off the top mount and lift it out of the bottom. Make sure the inner top washer is still in place - clean and lightly grease the top pin, clean any corrosion out of the bottom shock rubber locating cups and lightly grease them both.


You may have to re-use both top and bottom outer washers, and possibly the nuts too, so retain them. Note the top and bottom are different.


The new ones are Monroe gas, and the wire is there to retain them in the compressed position. Remove the wire and the shock will extend.


Place the dished washer on the bottom of the shock - dish facing towards the shock body, then the rubber on the correct way round.



Place the shock on the top pin, put the washer back on - curved face inwards, then replace the nut, but don't tighten it yet.




Compress the shock - this takes some considerable effort. Locate the bottom of it in the cup, making sure the rubber is seated in it correctly.


Place the second rubber on underneath the right way round - again making sure it sits in the cup correctly.


Then the washer - dish outwards as shown, then the nut.


Tighten the nut at the top and bottom and replace the road wheel/lower the vehicle back to the ground and then do the same thing on the other side.


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