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Disco 1 Engine Check light


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hi all

looking for a bit of advice

my 300TDI auto, which has a modified head, intercooler, chiped ECU and EGR removed has now started to develope a slight problem.

Whilst accelerating the engine check light comes on, power fades, light goes off power returns. Sometimes the check light just stays up untill I back off. I've changed the air flow unit, with one from billing and this eems to have made a slight improvment but I still have the problem. Engine revs also seem to be down and therefore road speed whilst cruis control is operated but then at times will return to normal.

Any thoughts greatfully received

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Thanks for the reply.

I should have mentioned that it had already been checked via laptop computer thingy but it wasn't a specalist landrover unit.

Anyway this morning I have taken it to another independant landrover unit and they stuck it on a rovcom I think it was called and diagnosed a problem with a turbo pipe. Pipe changed now going fine happy bunny.

Now just need to think about changing the turbo

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