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new discovery oil every where


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hi, this is my first post so jut wanted to say high first.

anyway i bought a discovery 1 on a j today drove it home, about three quarters of the way home and it started smoking, only had a few miles left so got home when i got there opened the bonnet and it had fired oil all over the place and a bolt had come out of the rocker cover and it was knocking its head off and a little bit off water had come out as well.

i stupidly bought it off ebay an the guy doesnt really want to nojust said it wa good when i set off, but he said on ebay it was bob on :(

anyway if anybody has any ideas what it might be it would be mich apprietiate thanks, john

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Do you mean one of the 3 bolts that hold the rocker cover on? If that's the case, then oil will leak out and get on the exhaust manifold and cause smoke/run down the sides of the engine.


yeah its the front one. any ideas what could of caused it though , thanks very much john

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You should remove the rocker cover and take a look - one of those bolts missing shouldn't make a racket at all, just an oil leak.



iv just taken the rocker cover off to have a look. the front bolts looks like its threaded and just wobbles round in it socket then fist few inches af the cam shaft has lift a bi and i can push it backwards and forwards and i can move the first two rockers also the under side of the rocker cover almost looks like it been drilled where the bolt goes through.

im not overly mechanical atm but this look particularly good. :( also is this something that could o just happend unluckily or would the chap i bought it of have had an idea.

thanks john

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This is the rocker assembly for a 300TDi engine. Note that there are 5-alloy pillars. The first, third, and fifth pillars have a stud coming through them from the head. The rocker shaft is laid on the three studs and a nut is placed on each one to keep the rocker assembly in place - along with the two bolts through pillars 2 and 4. The rocker cover is then held in place by 3- dome nuts with seals under them to prevent oil leaks.



So the stud you mention should be tightly screwed in the head, then a nut to secure the rocker shaft down, and then the dome nut on top once the rocker cover is replaced. If the stud won't screw back tightly into the head, then you have a problem, and the threaded hole in the head is damaged. Possibly a helicoil needed to restore it, which is possible without removing the head from the engine.

If the retaining nut is missing, then it was faulty when you bought it.


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