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TDS winch - very impressed with it


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i have a 9.5TDS goldfish winch fitted to the front of my 'training' 90. A hardtop E reg tdi'd vehicle on ATs

Anyway since fitting it there hasn't been a great need for its use and to be honest its been more ornamental than anything else.

Then Saturday came, the task was to move some post and rail from a garden up into a field. parked the LR with a 16ft trailer on my mates steep driveway (1:4) so its low range to pull away normally! loaded it up with about 1/4 of the rails (60 or so i guess), got the truck up the drive and then into the wet grassy field and that was about it, she was going no where, not helped by the trailer sinking in the depth of the tyre wall.

Anyway winch came out and with 3 separate long pulls it pulled the whole lot out of its buried trailer hole and up the full length of the field without even getting the slightest bit warm on the motor. Its only running a std alt (45a) and std LR battery so i was reasonably impressed it pulled so well with seemingly low current draw. Particularly as it went on to do it another 3 times as we moved the rest of the rails.

So overall, although not a massive test for it i am very pleased with it and its lack of battery drain or the fact that it rarely slowed with the lowed even over repeated scenarios with no drive assist (i didnt want to kill the wire rope just yet!) Its certainly earned its £££ already

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