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sealing boxes to sunroofs


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Have the 2 sunroofs out of the D2 at present - and it's hard to believe that anyone expected the thin seal between sunroof and vehicle roof to last for any length of time . It was flattened out and useless particularly at the corners .

I intend to use Silkaflex between the frame and roof but I also want to reseal 2 of the boxes in the corners of the frame . Why couldn't they have just drilled a hole in the corner for a connection for the drain hose ( all 4 of which were clear ).

I was considering using JB weld for this ( my brother had sealed a 10 inch crack on the block of a tractor some months ago with it and its been perfect since )- but on reading the info on the card there is no mention of plastic .

And LR in their wisdom have made the boxes out of plastic .

Was wondering if anyone has any experience of using JB weld on plastic ?

Very few sealers avsailable in this neck of the woods - have asked about some of the ones mentioned here but no joy .

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