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Rear Door magic locks


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Had the common problem - rear door wont unlock from the keyfob. Had to pull the chrome lever on the inside (it does lock OK though). Read the forums and bought a replacement return spring (cos they always break dont they!).

Dismantled the door - pulled out the actuator and found the spring - in perfect working order - bu@@er.

Put everything back together again and the damn thing worked perfectly - at least for two days - now its stopped again and I'm back to where I started.

What on earth is going on?

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Dodgy connection on the actuator? Sounds like it's making a reasonable connection when you first plug it in and then failing after a few jolts and bumps.

Check the connector and wires leading up to it. Also give the pins a good clean with some emery cloth and a squirt or two of electical contact cleaner if you have some.

May not be the answer, but it's a good starting point.



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