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110 Td5 Banjo rear axle onto drum braked 90

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Hi all,

I want to change the drum braked rear axle from my '86 ninety for a banjo type (so not Salisbury) 110 Td5 rear axle because I have that available and it is in nearly new condition.

My drum braked axle has a Detroit locker and KAM HD shafts in it which I would like to keep. They are only 2 years old.

I want to put the complete diff unit of my drum braked axle including the HD half shafts into the 110 Td5 axle.

Will this fit?

I know there is a difference in length of the half shafts (KAM shafts are to long) but a guy from KAM once told me that it is no problem to grind them to the correct length. He also explained that my HD shafts do no have the area for the seal so the bearings will run in oil. I do not see a problem with that because old Land Rovers had that also if I'm correct. Will this cause a problem?

But what about the diff? Is the stud patern the same?

The Banjo diff is shorter. Does this mean the disance from the centre of the shafts to the mating surface of axle - diff is also different?

I would like to know before I start taken it all apart and finding out it doesn't fit.

Thanks for your help guys!

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