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Scottish Perthshire Hillrally 16th & 17th

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The Scottish Hill Rally Club (SHR Club Ltd.) are pleased to announce that the 2010 Scottish Perthshire Hill Rally will take place on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th July.

Combining aspects of Rally Raid, Competitive Safari, and classic Stage Rallying, this is an event where competitors need the precision to drive Forest Stages, the flair to drive the open hillsides, and the patience to drive on the public highway.

Don't let the name fool you - This is a proper Rally, requiring endurance from both drivers and vehicles. It has been likened to the European Rally Raid events, or the American Endurance races.

This is a true team event: Driver and Navigator have to work together to clear the stages cleanly and safely. The Driver must complete the special stages as fast as possible, whilst being sympathetic to both vehicle & crew. The Navigator is instrumental in guiding the driver along the Road Sections, and the Service Crew will have to work hard to keep the vehicles in tip-top condition with the restricted servicing times.

"You cannot win the Perthshire on your own, but you can lose it for your team."

2010 sees a number of new features of the event. The major one being with the redevelopment of the old auction mart at Perth, we have relocated Rally HQ to the west of Perth, Dalreoch, near Dunning. This allows us to have the setup team, HQ, service and competitors/marshals camping all in one place, making for a more inclusive event. Full facilities will be provided on site to allow all to enjoy the weekend.

Rally HQ Location:


This year the team have taken onboard a lot of the suggestions made by previous participants, to that end we have looked at the old favourites and introduced new ones.

On the Friday we intend to run six stages and twelve on Saturday, with nearly 100 miles of competitive stages. The event covers terrain from between Aberfeldy in the north, to Cambusbarron in the south. Were conscious that there are lot of popular Hill Rally stages, with this in mind we have looked at what work was needed to keep these and to how we can improve them.

To this end the organizing team have worked hard with essential groundwork’s to allow this event to run through them and also to allow regeneration of the land for the future. For example we have opened up new sections on Balmano Hill, removing the really rough part and then completed work on the rough bit for the future.

In other stages we have built crossings, put in hardcore and carried out ground clearance operations. In others we have looked at how we can give you the competitor a better stage, we have used some of the famous forest stages used by the Colin McRae Rally and intermingled with off road sections that will surely be interesting for all. Ian Stuart and his groundworks team have worked hard to allow the use of a 1.5mile firebreak in one of the stages.

Some stages we have relooked at how we run the stage, taking into account what we have available and how best we use it for example when was the last time you got to run through the tunnel stage in reverse?

To sum up, the usual format of starting around noon on Friday is maintained, heading west and south for six off-road stages in Fanny Hill and Cambusbarron, followed by twelve stages on Saturday heading as far north as Aberfeldy (with four stages in between) and west to Burnt Hill then after completing approximately 100 stage miles, back to HQ for prize giving. The event is contained within 1:50,000 OS sheets 52, 57 and 58.

Some of the other key points to note are:

• Two new sites, both providing Forest stages.

• New routes on existing stages.

• A reduced entry fee for early entrants.

• A new HQ & service area, with all camping in the same place (including the setup team)

• Run to full Hill Rally specification, the event has been permitted at National B level, allowing drivers with either a Clubman or National B licence to enter.

• Re-entry rule applies, the same format used at previous SHRC events.

• Plenty of work done in the background, to make some stages less harsh.

• Tunnel stage retained.

• Retained the service area at Cambusbarron, with its excellent view of the stages.


For more information on the event and to request an entry form & a copy of the supplementary regulations please contact entries@scottish-hillrally.co.uk

Event Staffing:

As usual, no event can run without the help, enthusiasm and assistance of many volunteers. We are looking for a substantial number of marshals and radio marshals; if you would like to be part of this great event or would like to find out more, please contact Stuart Fleming (chiefmarshal@scottish-hillrally.co.uk) with general marshalling enquiries, or Diana Baines (d.baines@dsl.pipex.com) with radio-related enquiries. And please don’t let the “hill rally” part of the title put you off volunteering; you don’t always need a 4x4: there are always a significant number of positions that can safely be accessed by a road car.

Please tell us if your available early on to help as it helps us tremdously in the planning of the event.


More details of Media Accreditation for the event please contact media@scottish-hillrally.co.uk

Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities at the event:

We would welcome any sponsorship/advertising enquiries should be made to colin.rodger@virgin.net or mobile: 07767-726075

Full details and updates on the event will be available here on the clubs website: www.scottish-hillrally.co.uk

The organizing team are working very hard to ensure that both the “Scottish Perthshire Hill Rally” and the “Borders Hill Rally”, continue to provide high calibre cross country motorsport to all. Being the two only surviving Hill Rallies in the UK at this time, we would welcome your support in allowing us to continue to provide these great events. One thing is certain this event like the 2009 Borders Hill Rally will certainly not be one to be missed.

Should you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact any of the above or myself colin.rodger@virgin.net or mobile 07767-726075 and we will be happy to answer them.

Please tell all your friends about our event and I look forward to seeing you on the 16th July at a bright and sunny 2010 Scottish Perthshire Hill Rally.


Colin Rodger.

This notice has been sent on behalf of

SHR Club Ltd

Registered in Scotland (Company No. SC307846)

Registered Office: 52 Fort St, Broughty Ferry, Dundee DD52AB

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Well the latest on the event is that the organising team have been working very hard to finalise things for the event. All the pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place and none of the bits are missing.

Ian and his hardworking ground works team having been out slaving away in the ridiculous heat to clear tracks, fire breaks, build bridges and to repair crossings.

In simple terms the event is set to be one of the best Scottish Perthshire Events yet, so I guess my message today is that "The Organisers" are doing there bit, its now up to you the competitor to do yours GET YOUR ENTRY IN NOW don't leave it to the last minute.

As with any event, if you don't support it you cannot complain when you loose it, look forward to seeing your entries in the post.

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The latest whisper is that there is only one split/merge in the whole event and that we have a 6.5 mile stage that has never been used in a Hill Rally before and certainly all who have seen it reckon it will be talked about for years to come.

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Well were into countdown mode now with only 7 weeks to go until one of only two surviving Hill Rallies in the UK takes place.

Some Competitors have been taking advantage of getting their entries in early and benefiting from the reduced entry fee. This option is now closed but you can still get your entry in for what will certainly be a formidable challenge for both man and machine.

The 2010 Scottish Perthshire Hill Rally will certainly provide a challenging mix of terrain that will require vehicle reliability, navigational skills, determination and exemplary service support to allow you to complete the challenge.

Many have said they can and will do a Hill Rally, but are you really up for the challenge of the Scottish Perthshire Hill Rally 2010?

The UK media's interest is growing and certainly the event looks set to get coverage in many forms, whether it be printed, online or simply on the TV. Providing a good opportunity for you to get your team and message out there.

The organising team are all working hard to make the 2010 Scottish Perthshire event the best event yet, we need your support to do this. Whether competitor, volunteer marshal or simply a spectator we want to see you there.

If you have a question give one of the team above an email and they will be happy to answer it or alternatively give me a shout and I will get the relevant person to respond to you colin.rodger@virgin.net or mobile 07767-726075.

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We do need more help, if your not competing and willing to attend the event to help run it please let me know so that we can fit you into the staffing plan for the event.

We need Setup people, Stage Commanders/deputies, Radio Marshals, Marshals instage and start/finish.

So if your up for helping let me know colin.rodger@virgin.net or mobile 07767-726075, by doing so I can ensure you are included in the plans for the event and that you are Kept informed before the event.

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Just a reminder to all the competitors out there:

Entries close this Friday the 25th June, the organisers will not accept promises as your entry. For an entry to be accepted the entries secretary must have a Completed Entry Form and payment.

The Hill rally Club are working really hard to keep Hill Rallying alive and kicking in the UK, we can only continue to do this if we have support from competitors and sponsors. Every event has a break even point and yes times are hard, but the harsh reality is that The Scottish Hill Rally Club is run by a core of enthusiasts that work very hard to bring these events. The club cannot afford to subsidise any of its events, they must all break even as a minimum. Every Year we spend money on groundwork’s and deposits for land and thankfully we run events, however how long the club can afford to do this when the entries are not forthcoming is anyone’s guess.

If you want to enter this year’s event then please get your entry in for Friday’s deadline. Likewise if you would be willing to come on board and sponsor the event or even a stage then give me a call.

Sorry if the above seems harsh, but we hear time and time again of people waiting to see what happens with the event. In simple terms if there’s not enough entries then it wont. So get your entry in for Friday.

Regards, Colin.

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It is with deep regret that the organisers of the Scottish Perthshire Hill Rally have to announce the cancellation of the 2010 event. The number of paid entries received by the closing date is significantly short of the minimum number required to run the event.

We are extremely greatful to all those who helped promote and sponsor the event, and to those who have submitted entries. We would like to recognise the support that the competitors have given us, and thus will return the full entry fee, and waive the administration fee given in the the regulations.

We have delayed this public announcement so we can inform all the competitors, sponsors & land-owners before they could hear via a third party.

Competitors have be given the opportunity to transfer their entries (and entry fee) to the Borders Hill Rally, and placed at the front of the queue. Once entries open, the club will refund the difference, again without an admin fee.

[Competitors wishing to transfer their entry to the Borders must have informed Janis (entries (at) scottish-hillrally.co.uk) before Tuesday 29th June else we will be assumed they want their money back.]

On a personal note, I would like to thank all those who have put in an awful lot of time, effort (and, in some cases, money) to helping create this unique event.

(I am also working on an alternative event -- a two-day comp safari -- but it will be a few days before I know if we can provide something for you....)

Ian Stuart

Event Director.

Scottish Hill Rally Club.


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