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d1 cutting out when stoping


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I had a problem with my 300 Tdi where the engine would cut out at random times. Sometimes when I stopped, sometimes when I put my size 11 down hard, sometimes when cruising. Thought it may have been the pump power wire, but that didn't resolve anything.

at some point of poking around the engine bay for what ever reason I was there, I unscrewed the bottom of the fuel filter to drain out any carp that may have been in there (assumed water) and, touch wood, I haven't had the problem again.

Give that a try. Can't hurt


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I don't know if you are aware, but typing in caps is shouting and is considered rude on most internet forums.

Some more info on the vehicle would be useful- age/engine type - I'm assuming it's a diesel.

Does it splutter and stop - i.e. revs drop to the point that it stalls? Or does it just switch off? Will it start straight away or do you have to leave it for a bit?

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sorry for caps its a 1996 300tdi the revs drop to under 1.000 then itruns like a bag of nails and cuts out then it will resstart i have checked sedmenter changed fuel filter. and filter on the lift pump i used the bleed screw to get the air out but there is air bubbles in the return pipe comeing from injector going bk to injector pump (the black plastic pipe off injector had snaped so i temp fixed it with a clear pipe ) i hope u guys can help me :(:(:(

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