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TD5 low boost

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Hello everyone, I would like some advice from you, my Def 110 TD5 2004 with 80000km, has a decrease in performance after a long acceleration, or at highway speed, the engine speed rises but feels little boost, the turbo turns but it is as if the engine was in recovery. If I turn off and on again after 5 minutes or so, the car returns to normal, "ready" and snappy, until I accelerate with all gears at 3000 or much revs or highway or more than 100 km / h.

Another thing that i've made, is install a pressure turbo gauge, and the pressure rise at 1,0 or much when the car is normal, while in "recovery" mode rise at max to 0,8 or less. I haven't Nanocom.

What could it be??

- MAF sensor replaced new original

- MAP sensor / IAT new

- Fuel pump was checked and cleaned (but not test pressure)

- Fuel filter new

- Injector loom new

- Throttle pedal new

- Wastegate checked and sprayed with WD40

Thanks to all

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