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Td5 engine issues HELP!

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I have a 1998 Defender with 2.5 Td5 engine, recently the fuel pump siezed blowing its fuse. On removal of the fuel pump from the diesel tank I found it was full of black gunge, I tried to clean out the pump but it was dead. I cleaned out the fuel tank and got a second hand fuel pump and fitted it, I then re-filled the fuel tank with clean diesel. My engine started but was very low on power and smoked a lot. It eventually died at the side of the road after about 3 miles, I sat at the side of the road planning my options for about five minutes then decided to give it another try, the engine started with no issues and ran well with no smoke either, after about 35 miles the same problems started, lack of power and black smoke. I have not run it till it dies as I don't want to do any damage. Anyone got any ideas what could be the problem?


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I had this same kind of problem. The pump was full of this black stuff. I do not know what it could be.

I cleaned the pump and now it runs perfectly again. Only question is what is this stuff and where does it come from?

Some say that it might be smoke coming from the injector washers (part.no ERR6417) and they need to be replaced. This is somehow a soft spot at Td5 fuel system. They might also cause an air in the system which finally causes starting problem.

I got my Landy to start with start pilot (the fog that you smoke into the air intake). Then it run well for several miles and the died again until started with pilot again. You could try that to get it to carage.



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