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Front Output Shaft Stubborn as a mule


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Dear All

Further to my post yesterday, regarding the removal of the front prop shaft flange, we decided to undo the oil seal housing to see if we could remove all of the components together.

Everything was still stuck fast so we used some brute force in the form of a large drift and a heavy hammer. To my amazement, instead of the flange coming off we managed to dislodge the whole output shaft including the bearing, which means we are now faced with repairing rebuilding that part of the gearbox!!

So if you are ever faced with an front output shaft that just won't come off, do not undo the bolts retaining the seal housing before you start beating the living daylights out of it or introducing a gear puller etc.

Does anyone have a really good series 2a gearbox that they want to sell??



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