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Whining noise.... any ideas


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Hi, I have a 200tdi disco engine in my defender 90, it has an auto gearbox and a 1.2 transfer box (which is why i'm posting this here and not in the defender forum

ok so here's what's happening.

there's a mechanical whining sound coming somewhere from the the driveline

It is there when there is power going to the wheels but when i take my foot off the accelerator it stops

It changes linearly with vehicle speed NOT engine speed

the faster i go the louder and higher pitched it gets

I have removed the rear prop and driven in diff lock and it is still there so I'm guessing it's not the rear diff, and i'm pretty sure it's not the front

therefore it must be something to do with either the transfer box or the auto transmission.

does anyone have any ideas what this may be or how I could go about trying to find out?? could it be a bearing thing??? I've added an audio file on youtube so you can hear what i mean. you can hear at about 8 seconds where i come on and off the accelerator

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sounds like mine - and i think, mine maybe layshaft bearings....

everyones different though...might be worth an oil change and check the plug for severity of fillings....

then refill with correct oil and some molyslip...see if this improves things?..


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