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Gearbox area leaks

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I know they are only marking territory but after years of gentle dripping The Beastie seems to have become incontinent and I have to do something about it. A simple question though? Is sorting this out (I suspect replacing all the seals) an easy home job for a very modestly competent mechanic or would I be better getting a quote for doing it from the garage that does my MOT and put a new chassis on a few years back?

I do not have capability of lifting gearboxes or even raising the truck beyond axle stands and had a heck of a job getting leverage on some of the UJ bolts when I changed them.

Thanks for any suggestions.All best wishes


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Unfortunately, as you don't have an engine crane, it really is (in my opinion) a garage job, the gearbox more than likely has to come off as the rear crank oil seal and/or gearbox input shaft seal (again more than likely) have to be replaced. Can you tell what kind of oil it is? I.e. MTF94(gearbox), Engine oil or Both?

As I said though, either way, the gearbox has to come off (and some prefer to take the engine out!!)

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