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landrover safaris

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lets suppose you were looking for a good saharan safari and had no idea where to start, im really asking for a friend of mine whos asking how to get the best deal.

im planning to do something like it myself some day hopefully but she has no vehicle and ask me to look into it.

any one got a good link?

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Don't know much about accompanied Saharan safari's, which is what I think you're asking about, but there are a few good books on planning your own trip, which is still relevant, as there is still lots of good advice for preparing for a trip, vehicles, what to take, where to go etc.

Sahara Overland by Chris Scott, first edition 2000, I,SBN 1-873756-26-7, is a good place to start, there may be an updated version now

Sahara Handbook by Simon Glen, first edition 1980 ISBN 1-872815-20-0, has masses of general info, although you get the impression that most of the material collected for the book was obtained on his overland travels in the 1970's, and could do with an update (maybe there is one, haven't checked!)

Vehicle Dependant Expedition Guide by Tom Sheppard, first edition 1998, ISBN 0-9532324-0-9, is a great and technical insight into expedition planning (can tell he's a test pilot!)

Other than that, a good place to start might be STA Travel in London, specialising in student travel. Also check student biased web-sites or newspapers/magazines, they normally have lots of accompanied tour adverts in the back.

I know this is not exactly what you're asking for, but I hope this helps in some way,


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