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Trolley jack oil filling??

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Guest diesel_jim

Anybody got any bright ideas how to top up the oil in a trolley jack?

I've got one, (rather old!) and on the end of the ram are a couple of screw headed short bolt things. undo one of them and there is a spring and small ball, obviously some kind of PRV, the other one i assume is to fill the reservoir.

when i take it out, there is oil in there, when i try to squirt some more in there, it just overflows. i've tried it with the jack "down" and with it jacked up as "high" as it'll go (hoping that all the oil that's in the reservoir will be in the ram and allow me to fit some more in), but to no avail.

ideas on a post card pleeease! :unsure:

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I use an old syringe. There should be a soft rubber bung on the main cylinder of the jack, and you should fill wil the jack in the down position usually. hydraulic jacks usually leak where the pump piston is, and some are adjustable/replaceable. On one of mine there's a O-ring inside there that can be replaced, though no doubt the design is not common to all.

Les. :)

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