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Veppskiy Les 2010´will be harder than ever...

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St.Petersburg Off Road Club has decided to keep unofficial "world toughest off road competition" title. Veppskiy

Les was going wrong direction, but now it's coming back what it originally was... World Toughest Off Road

Competition. Even Club President Yuri Ovchnikov keeps today's Ladoga Trophy as a picnic trip if you compare it to

Vepsskiy Les.

In this year in vepsskiy there will be first short Prolog 1 about 2-5 hours, after that Starts Prolog 2 which is

nonstop. At the start origanisers just look that yuo have 2 days food and drinks with you. Total kilometres are

little over 230. Who is fastest is the winner. And you find easy driving surface in Prolog 2 at the start and

then next time at the finnish...

So you have to have satellitephones to connect your service car eq. delivering eg. petrol/diesel

and service parts.For security reasons one 24 hour driving section has to include one 6 hours break (which will

start between 21.00-24.00) and you don't have to keep it at the Control Point. Competition days are 17-19.8 and

Thursday is technical inspection day. Total cost is 8600 RUB.Technical rules are the same as in Laodga,

expect the Proto-class name is now "Open" and Turism -class name has been changed to Adventure. Yuri said

that the Turism name give a little bit wrong attitude or image for participants...

As usually no service at the camp area, temperature can go uncer minus degrees at nights.

Petrol is better to buy from Lukoil when you turn from St.Petersburg/Murmansk road to Veppskiy. Local petrol

station is very unsure, usually they have only 74 octane and no diesel at all. Earlier it has been possible to

rent a sauna from locals for the price of one plactig bag of Vodka.

Few Finnish Teams are going...if you are still interested in, please let me know...

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